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5 Peaceful Wedding Tips

The thought of even having a peaceful wedding can seem unrealistic at times. But it can be done, it just requires some intentionality.

Here are 5 tips to help create a peaceful wedding day

Whether it’s having some downtime for yourself when getting ready, with your mom helping you with your dress or with your bridesmaids creating a calm atmosphere can come easily. So what does that look like?

1. Create a peaceful atmosphere while getting ready

  • Get ready in a cozy robe or sweats. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable while you do your hair and makeup or have it done for you. 

  • Light your favorite candle or incense, play music you love and maybe do some pre-wedding dancing with your girlfriends. 

  • Take some time for mindfulness (Maybe you practice meditation or just need to remember to breathe, there might be a lot of things going on, wedding planning details you’re thinking about or last minute touches to do. It’s good to take time to step back and breathe a little. This is your wedding day, remember to stop and take it in).

2. Surround yourself with positive, supportive and encouraging people

  • Set some boundaries 

    • For example, decrease being around anything that stresses you out if you can. Sometimes there can be too many expectations being placed on you by people who think things “should” be done a certain way when you’d want it another. Take time to have space.

    • This also means choosing the right fit bridesmaids for you. Maybe that’s having one of your married friends or people you look up to. Bridesmaids can make it or break it at times in wedding planning and the wedding day atmosphere.

3. Learn to embrace change or expect it

  • Many things change throughout wedding planning and even on the day of. You’ll be learning a lot of new things and working with several people coordinating your big day. Weather can be unexpected and life in general can be too. Adjusting to change can impact how stressed out you let yourself to be. Be open to change and know that adjustment might be necessary to come up with a compromise or better solution as soon as possible. Remind yourself to have some self compassion and compassion for others if they forget something or make a mistake. Learn to adjust and create solutions together as a team.

4. Put your phone away, delegate and take a social media break

  • This might seem a bit crazy to do considering how busy you may have been during wedding planning. Over communication prior to the wedding is better than under communicating. Delegate by having an on point person to take care of any calls, last minute messages from people and wedding planner/coordinator for making sure all the details are taken care of. It’s helpful having this person so you can relax, enjoy your day and let the rest be taken care of for you. It will help you have a more worry free wedding. 

5. Get the rest you need before and during to recover

  • Getting adequate sleep can make enjoying your day better. The last thing you want is getting hardly any sleep the night before then showing up to greet people and feeling exhausted. 

*Optional: Have a first look, relaxing breakfast and/or alone time after the ceremony with your husband

  • Other than the getting ready time you can allocate 30mins-1 hour or however long you want to just take a break. Maybe that means driving away from the venue, going for a walk at a nearby park or sitting down somewhere quiet. It gives you some time to brace yourself a bit to say hello to everyone and greet them. Adding this time into your timeline can help you feel more relaxed. 


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