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Life is valuable, worth celebrating, and being remembered. Time is limited and some memories can't be relived. A photograph is one of the biggest ways you'll remember someone or something.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC cultivated a love for being in the city, multiculturalism, and mountains. At 16 I started regularly photographing unique architecture and teaching people how to use a camera. Connecting with people and capturing meaningful experiences inspires me which has now evolved into a business.


Serving Canada & Worldwide

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Caring for people is vital part of my brand. I am committed to creating a space where everyone feels safe and welcome. I am constantly striving towards becoming a better creative, human, and improving my overall approach. 

Organizations I actively support include:


IGM       BC Foster Parents

Get to know me more through hobbies

  • Cooking & baking

  • Listening to Jazzhop music

  • Winding down to a good book

  • Playing piano

  • Sending postcards

  • Word search puzzles

  • Kayaking


We got married in the summer of 2019 in a flower garden. It was surreal, exciting, and was one of the most meaningful days of our lives. I feel thankful to have met my husband.

We hit it off when we first met at a leadership course I was volunteering at. Soon after he invited me on a snowshoeing date. He was courageous, witty, and we have a lot in common. We knew we wanted to marry each other soon after. He keeps me on my toes and can always beat me at a tennis game. Inspires people to love better and is an encourager. But most importantly he's my best friend and a big nerd that I love learning with. He is a walking answered prayer.

Together we're passionate about caring, helping, and seeing people thrive. You'll often find us outdoors or trying new foods.

Think we're a good fit?

I love working with people that connect with my work and who put their trust in me.

Click here to book today and let's plan a

meaningful experience together. 

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